Many elderly people face neglect at nursing homes. This is extremely wrong because the elderly are at the stage of their life where they become sensitive and they have to be dealt with gently. Although neglect can happen in any such facility, you should avoid this situation by choosing a good nursing home for your loved one. The first step is deciding if your elderly loved one actually needs supervision.

Nursing home neglect can be of various forms. It could be emotional abuse, or physical abuse. Emotional behavior can take the form of neglect where the staff stops taking care of the resident which is what they are being paid for. In many cases, the staff may also behave rudely with a resident, aggressively by shouting at them or saying hurtful comments which forces the elderly into isolation. In any of these cases, contacting a nursing home neglect lawyer immediately is important.

In cases of physical abuse, the staff assaults them by using force on them, like pushing or hitting them. If your loved one has noticeable bed sores or other signs of assault, make sure to check they are not a victim of abuse. If the patient is handicapped and cannot move around, it is the responsibility of the staff at the nursing home to prevent bed sores. Bed sores happen when too much time is spent on the bed in same position. The position needs to be changed every now and then and the staff is trained to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Slip and fall as well as fractures are a common injury in such facilities. Although they are accidental, the staff is required to ensure a resident with history of slipping and falling are taken special care of and not allowed to walk without assistance. A fall in old age can result in a person becoming permanently disabled or even death. There have been cases in nursing homes where people are left unsupervised and lie on the floor for hours before they are helped by a staff member.

Sometimes, the administrative staff at nursing homes conducts financial abuse, taking advantage of the fact these are old people and may not know about forgery of their signature of or using their credit/debit card. Financial abuse can also occur when a staff member may pressures the resident to give away financial information, such as their bank account number. They may also coerce or pressurize them to change their will/deed.

If your loved one is a victim of physical abuse, you should consult a doctor to conduct a medical checkup and uncover the nature of the abuse. The first thing you should take when you realize your loved one has been a victim of nursing home abuse is to report to the proper state hotline. If there is evidence, you can file a lawsuit against the nursing home with the help of a firm that specializes in such cases. They will provide you the legal assistance you need.

How does a nursing home neglect lawyer help?

Once you get in touch with a firm or nursing home neglect lawyer, they will start the investigative process, which includes taking pictures of the affected area of the patient. The nursing home will be investigated as well to check if they have faced similar allegations of abuse before. If such a case has happened before, it could be used as part of your case. The nursing home must also be interrogated by a nursing home neglect lawyer to provide details of the level of care they provided to the affected resident.

When you file an elder abuse report, you must identify with the method of reporting nursing home abuse. There are hotlines or elder care institutes you can contact for assistance. You can get the necessary information for seeking help to deal with nursing home abuse by calling the local authorities directly. While you are reporting elder abuse, you should ensure it is specific. Do not just report that an elder has been physically abused in a nursing home. Provide details and state all your concerns in detail, such as the nature of bruises you have seen.

You should report when you suspect elder abuse, even if not related to you. Often, seniors feel embarrassed when sharing their current situation with anyone, which is why it should be handled with sensitivity and in a delicate manner.

There are an increasing number of court cases related to nursing homes neglect. If a patient dies due to neglect, family members of the deceased can file lawsuits on behalf of the resident’s estate. These lawsuits are able to compensate families of the victims by awarding financial settlements for loss of their loved one. The nursing home neglect lawyer can help advise the client on whether they should accept the amount offered in the settlement or not. The nursing home neglect lawyer will have to evaluate the case and determine an estimate of maximum compensation required for a settlement, depending on your case.

Get help from a nursing home abuse nursing home neglect lawyer with experience in this field and has won case settlements and verdicts against nursing facilities.

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