Nursing home negligence is not always the cause of a slip and fall incident. Some are merely accidents, but in cases of seniors who are at risk of slipping and falling, the nursing home is responsible for providing the appropriate care and arrange for their safety. If they don’t, it’s a case of nursing home negligence.

Slip and fall injuries are more prevalent in nursing homes than you might think. Currently, close to 1.5 million Americans aged 65 and over live in nursing homes, and 1,800 of them die each year due to a fall-related injury. On an average, a standard nursing home reports 100 to 200 cases of slip and fall accidents every year.

Pursuing litigation against a nursing home for a slip and fall injury to a loved one requires you to have an attorney on board who has the experience of handling similar cases and understands the issues faced by seniors who are staying at nursing homes. This is where The Meehan Law Firm can help.


The Responsibility of Nursing Homes

Whenever a new resident is admitted to a nursing home, he/she is put through a complete risk assessment. If a senior has suffered fall injuries in the past, the nursing home is made aware at the outset, and from that moment onwards, the nursing home is responsible. During our initial investigation, we assess whether or not the nursing home staff knew about the risk of a resident slipping and falling. If they failed in their duty to provide adequate protection, it is a case of nursing home negligence.

Among the strategies used by nursing homes for preventing slip and fall incidents is installing handrails, repositioning the furniture, and redesigning the toilet to suit the needs of the resident. The nursing home should have a customized plan for each resident, and at The Meehan Law Firm, we make sure we check the plan for your senior loved one when investigating their claim. The nursing home staff should also be on call to assist residents in case they need support. Some nursing homes also arrange for regular exercise programs to improve the residents’ balance and stability.

Was Nursing Home Neligence the cause of Slip and Fall?
Often, the cause why a resident may slip and fall, in the process getting injured, is preventable. This may be due to a wet floor, misplaced furniture, and lack of proper lighting. Moreover, if the resident is not provided the adequate walking aid or has been overmedicated, it constitutes nursing home negligence. If a nursing home does not have carpeting in hallways and corridors, and the lighting is not adequate, the residents are at a high risk of slipping and falling.

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If your senior loved one has been injured due to slipping and falling in their nursing home, selecting the right attorney is the key to mounting an effective case. Get in touch with us without delay and we will provide you effective legal help. We have handled similar nursing home negligence cases in the past and have the experience and expertise to provide you the necessary legal guidance in this regard.


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