Nursing home negligence in New Jersey has become a very serious issue over the years. Nursing Homes are under an obligation to provide appropriate care to the elderly patients they are serving but many elderly patients find themselves at the receiving end of nursing home negligence, which can affect their physical, mental, or emotional health. Nursing home negligence has been very well explained in this Connecticut Government site. Elderly patients have every right to defend themselves if they do not receive the appropriate care and The Meehan Law firm can help them with cases of abuse in nursing homes.

Types of Nursing Home Negligence

It is important to understand that negligence and abuse are two different things. Negligence means providing the elderly occupant of the nursing home with sub standard care that may result in harm. On the other hand, abuse entails the intent to harm the patient. Our law firm deals in the following types of nursing home negligence:

Primary neglect
This entails neglecting the primary care that the nursing staff is obliged to provide to the elderly occupants. It includes providing reasonable food and water as well as a clean and safe environment.
Emotional neglect

This occurs when the elderly are repeatedly ignored or left alone. Quite often, overstressed nursing staff treats patients poorly when called for help. This causes patients to become emotionally stressed and socially disconnected.

Hygiene neglect
This type of negligence includes failure to fulfill personal hygiene duties for the elderly, such as cleaning, bathing, and brushing hair.
Medical neglect
Medical neglect can include failure to provide adequate protection and medication for health concerns such as infections, cognitive diseases, and diabetes among other conditions.
Signs to Look For Nursing Home Negligence
Some of the following signs can point to a case of neglect. If you witness any of these signs in your loved one, make sure you take due action:

  • Dehydration or malnutrition
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Frequent injuries from falls
  • Unusual change in behavior, example: withdrawal
  • Change in appearance or personal hygiene
  • Poor lighting, slippery floor, or other environment hazards in the elderly occupant’s room

How We Can Help

The Meehan Law firm has been serving clients in the State of New Jersey for nearly two decades. With our experience and professional approach to every case that we take, we ensure our clients the best chance for success. The residents of a nursing home have rights, list them on their website and we are here to ensure that you or your loved ones are afforded these rights.

We have the knowledge and experience to win your nursing home negligence case. If you or anyone you know has faced negligence while in a nursing home, contact us today to discuss your options.

We can defend your right to receive proper and timely care and ensure that you get the comfort promised during your stay.


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