Suspect foul play at a nursing home? Get in touch with an experienced nursing home abuse attorney without delay

While no one wants to commit a senior loved one to a nursing home, sometimes it is the best option. At a nursing home, senior residents are cared for, their health needs checked and their meals and hygiene managed under supervision. All in all, it’s a safe environment for seniors to spend their last few years. But, this is not the case. There are a growing number of incidences of nursing home abuse. If your senior loved one is showing signs of being used, get in touch with an experienced nursing home abuse attorneyat The Meehan Law Firm without delay.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

There are different types of nursing home abuse residents may be subjected to. These may include both physical and non-physical forms of abuse. An experienced nursing home abuse attorney can identify the specific type of abuse a resident is suffering. It is important that you also have an idea of the different types of abuse that can occur:

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is easier to spot, because the signs and symptoms are evident on the body of the resident. The different forms of physical abuse include fractured or broken bones, bruises, cuts and wounds, or bloody clothes.

Admin & Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is slightly difficult to spot, because the nature of the act is insidious. There are different types of admin and emotional abuse, such as humiliating, isolating, or intimidating a resident, or simply ignoring him/her. The signs of admin and emotional abuse are nervousness, low self-esteem and fear.


Nursing home neglect is also prevalent in nursing homes around the US. Neglect can be in the form of under or overmedicating residents, not serving proper meals, ignoring their hygienic needs, or not cleaning the living units properly. A resident who is losing weight inexplicably or lives in an unsanitary environment can be a victim of neglect.

Other forms of abuse include sexual abuse, where bruises and bloody spots may appear around the genital area, and financial exploitation, via forging their signatures or using their credit/debit cards without authorization. Regardless of the nature of the abuse, if you spot any of these signs, get in touch with an expert nursing home abuse attorney at The Meehan Law Firm.

Seek Immediate Help from an experienced Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Every year, over 2 million seniors are abused in some form at nursing homes around the US. If you suspect your senior loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, get in touch with a nursing home abuse attorney without delay and seek legal help immediately. At The Meehan Law Firm, we will provide you a free initial consultation, no strings attached, to guide you on the right path so you can make the best decision for your loved one’s safety.