Bedsores in nursing homes.

October 20th, 2016|0 Comments

bedsores in nursing homesA common that problem patients often suffer from are bedsores in nursing homes. Also referred to as pressure ulcers, the bedsores happen when skin is under pressure for a prolonged period. They are more prominent in elder residents, but can also occur in younger people due to lack of care. In particular, if one has been immobile for extended durations of time and the proper care is not taken, pressure ulcers can develop. The Meehan Law Firm has addressed many similar cases in the past 20 years. We can help you win this battle against negligence and lack of proper care!

Which body parts are more prone to bedsores?

Bedsores are more common in body parts that are anatomically ossified or bony. […]

When to use a nursing home neglect lawyer

June 20th, 2016|0 Comments

nursing home neglect lawyer

Many elderly people face neglect at nursing homes. This is extremely wrong because the elderly are at the stage of their life where they become sensitive and they have to be dealt with gently. Although neglect can happen in any such facility, you should avoid this situation by choosing a good nursing home for your loved one. The first step is deciding if your elderly loved one actually needs supervision.

Nursing home neglect can be of various forms. It could be emotional abuse, or physical abuse. Emotional behavior can take the form of neglect where the staff stops taking care of the resident which is what they are being paid for. In many cases, the staff may also behave rudely with a […]

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