A common that problem patients often suffer from are bedsores in nursing homes. Also referred to as pressure ulcers, the bedsores happen when skin is under pressure for a prolonged period. They are more prominent in elder residents, but can also occur in younger people due to lack of care. In particular, if one has been immobile for extended durations of time and the proper care is not taken, pressure ulcers can develop. The Meehan Law Firm has addressed many similar cases in the past 20 years. We can help you win this battle against negligence and lack of proper care!

Which body parts are more prone to bedsores?

Bedsores are more common in body parts that are anatomically ossified or bony. Areas with higher fat levels don’t usually get it. So your heels, ankles, and even buttocks would be prone to the same.  The CDC lays out a detailed explanation regarding bedsores on their website.

Duty of nursing home staff

Considering that a patient is bed-ridden for prolonged periods, it is the duty of the nursing home staff to provide proper care. It is essential to ensure that bedsores don’t develop. If the patient is confined to a bed or wheelchair, it is the duty of the nursing home staff to check for such risks.

Research shows that the U.S. healthcare system spends about $10 billion annually on bedsore costs. Also, if a patient’s health gets worse due to bedsores – they are likely to spend more time at the hospital. An average extension of 4-10 days is possible. In such cases, costs would skyrocket!

The physical and emotional grievances caused due to bedsores in nursing homes should not be ignored. The pressure sores are reason enough to file a lawsuit and get fair compensation. Negligence by the nursing home staff is usually the key reason that the residents suffer from bedsores Following proper care procedures can prevent the pressure ulcers in the first place.

Financial burden and emotional stress

If you have health insurance, then you would be financially covered. However, it is possible that you have already maxed out your claim for that year. Or it could be that your policy lapsed and you forgot to renew it – or you simply don’t have health insurance. In either case, the financial burden adds up!

Along with the financial stress, the victim, and their families are also emotionally overwhelmed. An extended stay in a hospital or nursing home isn’t something anyone looks forward too!

The Meehan Law Firm will help you get the proper compensation. We offer NO FEE Guarantee, and the initial consultation is FREE. Fill up our contact form or call our Princeton, NJ office at 1-609-514-5148.

If you or your family member have developed bedsore in nursing home, here’s what you should know

1. Studies reveal that bedsores or pressure ulcers impact a person’s quality of life drastically. If untreated, it can result in further health complications and infections.
2. A study by the Journal of the American Geriatric Society shows that nursing home staff often ignored complaints regarding bedsores. Senior member, in particular, were left to suffer bedsore pain.
3. Lack of sleep and immobility also has a negative impact on the patient’s psyche.

The Meehan Law Firm encourages you to come forward and fight this battle against negligence that leads to bedsores in nursing homes. Here are some risks your loved one is susceptible to because of bedsore-

• Wound infection
• Sepsis or infection of the blood
• Osteomyelitis (bone infection)
• Gangrene (tissue death)
• Amputation of a gangrenous appendage
• Poor quality of life
• Emotional distress

When to Hire a Lawyer?

Unfortunately, medical lawsuits are often time-restricted. And this applies to cases pertaining bedsores in nursing homes too. Don’t delay counseling! You can seek our help and get legal counsel to be aware of your statute of limitations (the last date before which legal action must be taken). A lawsuit filed later than this date would be rejected. Also, a bedsore is just the first indication of subpar treatment and practices!

What The Meehan Law Firm Will Do?

Based in Princeton, New Jersey, The Meehan Law Firm would help you through the entire lawsuit. We will also provide you with guidance on the documents and relevant proof required. In the past decade, we have come across many cases where bedsores in nursing homes have resulted in acute physical and emotional trauma for the patient and their family members too. You can rest assured of personal commitment and assistance from us to get your rightful compensation.

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