Administrative and emotional abuse in nursing homes is among the most prevalent forms of resident abuse. Yet, at the same time, it’s difficult to detect. To the naked eye, spotting the symptoms of emotional abuse can be a challenge. Even though not as obvious as a bed sore or other forms of abuse in nursing homes, admin and emotional abuse can be just as harmful and damaging. If you believe your senior loved one is the victim of admin & emotional abuse at a nursing home, get in touch with an experienced attorney at The Meehan Law Firm without delay.

Defining Admin & Emotional Abuse in nursing homes

Admin and emotional abuse can take on numerous forms. It starts when the administrative staff at the nursing home starts ignoring a resident, who then succumbs to health issues or enters a state of depression and isolation due to the neglect. In some cases, the admin might resort to blaming the resident for things they might not be responsible for, going as far as humiliating or even mocking them. In certain instances, a resident can be forced to stay in their unit, away from the other residents.

And this type of abuse in nursing homes is more prevalent than you might imagine. According to a survey conducted in 2012, close to half a million nursing home residents were found to be suffering admin and emotional abuse on a regular basis.

The Impact of Admin & Emotional Abuse in nursing homes

If you feel your senior loved one is showing signs of low self-esteem, fear, or isolation, don’t hesitate to seek legal recourse. Even if your doubts are unfounded, it is best to be safe than sorry. Keeping the negative impact of the abuse on the resident, you have to understand that your senior loved one is relying on the nursing home staff to get from day to day. Everything, from their mobility to their meals to their basic hygiene is supervised by the staff of the nursing home. If the administrative staff is resorting to abuse, you can imagine the potential consequences.

Seek Legal Help without Delay

As mentioned, unlike other forms of abuse in nursing homes, admin and emotional abuse is difficult to spot. Therefore, even if you have the slightest doubt, get in touch with an experienced nursing home abuse attorney at The Meehan Law Firm. We will investigate your case thoroughly, ensuring the rights and safety of your senior loved one are protected. If your loved one is indeed being abused, we will initiate legal proceedings without delay. The nursing will be liable for damages if the charges are proven.

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