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We work with clients all across the country & get them getting the just compensation in cases involving Nursing Home Negligence & Abuse. With our decades of experience and key focus on a single practice area, we ensure that your rights are always protected. We treat you like family and if need be, WE COME TO YOU to discuss the case.


Letter from Kevin

I am Kevin Meehan, the lead attorney at The Meehan Law Firm. At the Meehan Law Firm, we practice exclusively in the area of Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse. Nursing home cases are specialized cases, governed by specific Federal and State statutes.  This makes a nursing home case different and much more complex than a normal personal injury case. Nursing homes are required to abide by specific regulations and requirements. We ensure that the resident has his or her rights protected.  

The reason that we focus on this area is that I can’t imagine a more important area of law to focus on than dealing with victims who are residents of a nursing facility. The residents are generally older, weaker and in many cases, ill. I personally feel responsible to ensure that if there has been neglect or abuse, we make the nursing homes pay for its negligence and also force it to take corrective actions so the same neglect doesn’t occur in the future. In many of these cases, you and your loved one has a right to compensation.  We ensure that you receive what you deserve.

Over the years, I have come across hundreds of people who had a loved one in a nursing facility.  Unfortunately, they often had no idea that their loved one was being neglected or abused. As a practitioner, I encourage you to look for signs or clues.  Sometimes the signs are not visible or obvious.  If you see your loved one become withdrawn or depressed, there could be something behind it. I also urge you to keep an eye for any visible symptoms like bruising, falls, pressure sores etc. Although this may not always be a case of neglect and abuse, it is worth noting as they might be that perhaps your mom or dad or someone you love is not getting the care that they have a right to and that they deserve.  In many cases, the resident doesn’t want to even tell you that there is something wrong. Many times they are embarrassed, they don’t want their loved ones to worry and in almost all cases, they feel scared themselves.

At the Meehan Law Firm, I am personally committed to ensure that our firm represents neglect and abuse victims to the best of our abilities.

We have a successful track record of nearly two decades. We look at each case in terms of facts and how we can apply the law. Call us now for a Free Initial Consultation.  If we feel when can help, you will  have my personal commitment of NO FEE PROMISE.  If we don’t win the case, you don’t pay a fee.  

I wish you and your loved one the best.


Kevin Meehan

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